Wedding Trends for 2024

With 2024 well underway many of our couples have been asking us what are the must-haves for their weddings this year. The best way to describe what is in this year is to focus on your traditions without being traditional! It means a slimmed down approach to the big day, smaller bridal parties, less structure and more spontaneity. Designs are also focusing on bold choices done well. The celebration and the dance floor is the primary focus with less breaks for speeches, cake cuttings, and formal activities.

Tying the Knot

Here we see the biggest deviation from tradition. There’s a new approach that recognizes ceremonies and receptions are not tied together! It may sound crazy but it’s happening more and more with our couples. Ceremonies are focused on close family and friends only and are often taking place the day before. The reception is the party, it’s where everyone comes, including those you don’t expect to attend your ceremony. Treat both as such! There should be intimate ceremonies and grand celebration receptions.


Flowers are back! That right after the past years where we saw much more simplified centrepieces, alternative decorations and neutral bouquets now couples have decided natural and colourful arrangements are the way to go. This means lots of colours and bold patterns, think dutch master’s paintings. Stay away from all white or single tone arrangements.


Our chef stations are taking over. Traditional food and desert service is no longer in demand, people want flexible dining choices at their weddings and to be able to get what they want, when they want it. Most forgo any kind of formal service and instead opt for buffet or chef station cooking. To keep things rolling our new stations this year include adffogato bars and tajin chili fruit carts.


Digital guest books… or even messages! Long gone is the clunky book at the front door. The future is here, book a guest message station instead. Let your guests record their wishes to you through videos or photos for you to enjoy anytime you want!


t’s all about street photography styles for weddings now. This style of capturing the key moments of your event have been popular for a few years and its not going away anytime soon. Posing for pictures can be great, sometimes, but they do not capture the energy of your event. Candid snaps and more documentary styled albums are all the rage. Different exposures, saturations and natural lightings are the main focus’ here. Do away with the big studio lights, back drops and cheesy poses.

Guest involvement

Finally, dress codes for guests… it’s a thing! Going above and beyond the standard black tie expectations is more and more what our couples are asking of their guests. It’s all about being On Theme. Whether it be a colour palette, a met inspired style or any other theme having all the guests participate has become common for 2024.

Your wedding should always be an expression for your taste as a couple. The trends this year can be applied to any event you may have coming up even if it’s not a wedding. Our experts are available to make sure your party is the highlight of the year. Follow this advice to leave an everlasting impression on your guests for your big day.